Discover Card Payment Methods

Discover cards offer a great method of depositing money into online casino accounts for a number of reasons. With their excellent cash back rewards program, state-of-the-art security systems and more, Discover provides a safe and secure way for fans of Discover casinos to fund their online accounts while simultaneously earning rewards.

Depositing Versus Cashing Out

Depositing money with Discover cards is incredibly easy. Customers only need to go to their favorite casino's account homepage, select the Discover payment option, and enter in their unique login and card information. Transfers happen almost instantly and with no hassle or complicated fees. Yet, when it comes to cashing out there may be one small hitch to using Discover as a sole means of transaction. As with many credit card accounts, Discover casinos deny customers the option of withdrawing cash winnings from their casino account to their Discover cards.

Alternative Options for Cashing Out

There are other ways customers can withdraw their winnings. For instance, they can opt to receive paper checks sent directly to their homes. This option may take a few days as the check must be cut by the casino and then snail mailed, but the process can be sped up. Paying for FedEx or a courier may cut the wait time down to almost nothing, but it does cost a little extra for the convenience. Customers have to weigh the additional cost against the lag time and decide for themselves whether they are willing to wait for their winnings.

Discover casinos are not as widespread as are casinos that accept Visa cards or American express, but they are growing in popularity. Players should check with their favorite casino to see if Discover cards are a payment option available to them.

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